FUT Nation

FUT Nation

FUT Nation

FUT Nation is a FIFA Ultimate Team league & cup for Xbox One players


League Match:

  • Monday's - 8:30 & 9:00 pm EST
  • Thursday's - 8:30 & 9:00 pm EST

Cup Match (Every 2 Weeks):

  • Monday's - 8:00 pm EST (32 Teams) or Monday's -  8:30 pm EST (16 Teams)


League Format:

  • Ten teams compete for a prize pool
  • There are nine games in the season, playing each player once
  • League entry is 20,000 coins per player, top three split pot First gets 60% (120,000 coins), second gets 25% (50,000 coins), third gets 10%(20,000 coins) and 5% (5000 coins) Commission Fee 

League Rules:

  • Matches will be played until the end of regular time
  • Three points for a win
  • One point for a draw For a draw to happen, we are aware that online friendlies in FUT go to extra time. At the end of full time, both players will quit the match and record the draw.
  • Zero points for a loss
  • Once the match is finished, both players will record a clip or screenshot of the final score, then submit on League Republic

Cup Format:

  • Sixteen will compete in a single elimination style cup
  • Cup Entry Fee 15,000 coins per player, Winner gets 75% (180,000 coins) and Runner Up 20% (48,000 coins) and 5% (12,000 coins) Commission Fee
  • The winner will have a free entry in the next cup competition
  • Cup games will have different challenges

Cup Rules:

  • Single elimination
  • Games will go to extra time and pens if needed
  • Once match is finished, both teams will record the final score and match stats screen, then submit them through League Republic

Match Rules:

  • No loan players allowed in the starting XI or subs
  • Max of 5 ICON players (3 in starting Xl and 2 on bench)
  • No attribute boosts or consumables on your players in the starting XI or subs
  • No time wasting in any shape or form
  • No five at the back formations
  • No leaving the match early, all matches must be played out
  • No parking the bus
  • Failure to comply to these rules in a default loss and/or will result in automatic disqualification and a ban from the next cup



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